Download and install Silverlight

(Checking for latest version plugin...)

Download specific Silverlight versions

If you wish to directly download a specific verison of silverlight, you can use one of the following links.
These versions may only be useful for those supporing an older application, or developing using an earlier generation of silverlight and/or the development tools.

Silverlight 4 Runtime Download

Silverlight 3 Download (link not accurate - now gets latest version.)

Silverlight 3 for MAC

Another (??) Silverlight 3 for Mac

Silverlight tools downloads

Or if you wish to download the silverlight developer tools, used for developing silverlight applications (in visual studio etc), you may be interested in some of these downloads:

Silverlight Tools for Visual Studio 2010

Silverlight 4 SDK

Additional Silverlight resources

Getting Started with Silverlight 4 (lots of resources)

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